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My Pave: Pavement maintenance and Asphalt Maintenance
pavement management portal

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Seal Coat and Asphalt Maintenance
LocationStatusScope of WorkInstalation Candidate DateDocs
XYZ Company, MNPre-evaluatedSupermatMay 2012 See more
XYZ Company, TX Pre-evaluated HT & Ultimat August 2012 See more
XYZ Company, CA Pre-evaluated HT & Ultimat January 2013 See more
XYZ Company, CA Pre-evaluated Ultimat February 2014 See more
XYZ Company, MN Pre-evaluated Supermat June 2015 See more
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System highlights (website functionality)

MYPAVE Pavement Management Program


  • A budget generating interactive tool designed to provide outlooks from 1 to 30 years for multiple sites using a PCI (Pavement Condition Index) deterioration schedule as the driving mechanism.

   MYPAVE Construction Management

  • The PCI site report will trigger different recommended archetypes (contractor repair methods; i.e. 2” Mill and Overlay etc.) at specific PCI numbers through a timeline. The MYPAVE user can choose from a selection of pre-generated repair methods which will queue the related cost and impact of the PCI increase based on the size of repair or budget dollars applied to the section or full site repair. The interactive feature will allow the user to choose best repair method at the most appropriate time and generate reports that can be used to bid out contracted work to achieve competitive prices. 

  • Since this feature can forecast out several years, contracts can be awarded based on pre-determined bulk amounts to select contractors for 2 or 3 years business to gain more attractive pricing discounts.

   MYPAVE  360

  • Provides the ability to apply budget dollars to specific sections within a site and reports PCI impact of the applied budget dollars.

  • Individual Section PCI carries to a weighted overall PCI number that’s consolidated for budget reporting.

  • MYPAVE 360 allows the user to repair only the sections around the store that must be addressed. When budget constraints apply this tool will prove very effective.

Data collection process

Our Field Technicians will review each site to collect data on the following:

   Consolidated PCI Pavement Assessment

  • Detailed site photos of all parking lot sections.

  • Identify Current Pavement Distresses.

  • Severity and Size of Distresses.

  • Pavement Thickness.

  • Crack Assessment.

  • Area measurement.

  • Identification of Tripping Hazards or need for Immediate Repairs.

  • Identifying appropriate PCI number.

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